Welcome to Hamilton Pools Remodeling, your first and final stop for all your pool needs.

Here at Hamilton Pools Remodeling we can do a number of services for you such as:

  1. Pool Alterations
    • Construction
    • Back-filling to remove a pool completely
    • Shallow pool conversion to Pool/Spa
    • Removal or addition of a Skimmer
    • Update/New Tile changes to freshen up your pool/spa
  2. There are also a number of processes that can be preformed by the team as well to ensure that you have a safe area for family members/children, such as increasing yard space by deconstruction of the pool.
  3. Another job that may not seem too important to the everyday person is the skimmer, if the skimmer happens to break sometimes its hard to tell if such a thing has happened to it, our team is there to do routine checkups and ensure that you save money as well as save your pool/yard from water damage further saving money using us.

Contact us today for a 1-on-1 talk with the lead contractor to get your pools jobs finished today with precision and quality like no other.